Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Martyr, the victim and the dead

One of the things that dazzle me the most in the Arabic world is the difference between a martyr and a victim and a dead. We think that a martyr is a person who gets killed while defending his country or his religion (Islam of course) and we are told that this person is going straight to heaven, while the victim is a person (mainly civilian) who is killed by accident or caught in a cross fire and the dead is the one that dies from natural reasons. Right?
OK, so you listen to Aljazeera and you hear that a number of persons were killed in Iraq by American strikes or in Palestine by Israeli Defence Force and they would call these persons martyrs, the next piece of news is about a number of persons killed in Iraq by a suicide bomber but these guys they call them victims!! And it gets worse some would call the guy who blew them up a Martyr. This is very confusing right?
So let's leave the militant guys for now and look at the ordinary peaceful Iraqi guy who is sleeping in his house and bang the house is struck by an American bomb this guy gets killed and he is a martyr while his neighbour is not that lucky he wakes up in the morning goes to his work and bang a suicide bomber strikes, the guy gets killed and he's a mere victim!
The conclusion I got is if you are killed by a foreign force (even if you are attacking them in their country) you are a martyr, but if you get killed by one of your own you're a victim.

And as I said the martyr goes straight to heaven I mean god doesn't even look at the person's life and what wrong or right he did, no god will be sitting up there watching Aljazeera and when the person stands before him he would tell him they called you a Martyr take him to heaven, while when the good victim stands, god would say OK let's see you stole a cookie when you were in 3rd grade .......hmmm.


Friday, October 27, 2006

The Mufti, women and cats

According to this, what the great Mufti of Australia said:

"If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside... and the cats come and eat it... whose fault is it, the cats' or the uncovered meat?"

Now I'm not gonna comment on how despicable it is to compare women's flesh with raw meat or men with cats which the last I heard were animals, no I'm going to let it all pass. All I want to say to this stupid pervert if you get a piece of meat and wrap it all the way in cloth, the cats and dogs will still tear it apart, why? because they are animals and they only follow their instincts yeah exactly like yourself.
What even made it worse is that his comments sparked a round of applause from people attending Friday prayers.
Another proof that the top Muslim cleric in Australia have no brain is that he's been living there for 20 years and he still can't speak a word of English.


Meanwhile in Australia

The head Muslim cleric is calling the non-veiled women "exposed skin" that brought to themselves sexual attacks and rape! (Arabic link).
Oh well where was that again... AUSTRALIA for god sake not Iran, not Afghanistan, not KSA, no he's in Sydney. This is like going to KSA and say that any woman that doesn't wear a bikini in this dreadful weather is a stupid retarded woman (at least this would be true)!

Anyway you don't see mass sexual harassment in the streets of Sydney like the ones we saw in Cairo you sick bastard.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mass sexual harassment!

OK this is serious, apparently yesterday evening there was mass sexual harassment for any girl, woman who was misfortune enough to be passing by downtown Cairo. There was a mass of around a 1000 horny frustrated hungry dicks wandering in the streets spotting any and I mean any female whether she was young or old, veiled or not hell even the women in Niquab didn't escape it, and they would circle the victim and start harassing her right in the street! Until they find another vicitm.
And where were the police someone may ask? well they were involved in a much more serious operation to maintain order in a near-by movie theatre.
Now why this happened? many reasons of course, like poverty, unemployment, frustration, blah blah blah, and of course let's not forget that Ramadan has just ended and people were behaving themselves and spending all their time in the mosque during this month and let's not forget the fatwa banning masturbation during the whole month of Ramadan, and to all of you who don't know it masturbation is the only sexual activity most young men are allowed to have before marriage, so people have obeyed all what they were told and now it's the Eid a time for celebration right and since they stopped using their brains and left the Sheikhs to do the thinking for them and tell them what they should do, and apparently no Sheikh told them not to attack females on the streets so here we go.
And to all the people who advocate the veil as a way to preserve women and help men calm down, ehh well fuck you very much.

Check out Green data and Zeinobia on their takes, and Malek has a complete coverage with photos but it's in Arabic.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Video of a suicide car bombing

This is really sick, it's a documentary of a suicide car bomb attack supposedly in Iraq along with a step by step tutorial to operating a car bomb, what really got to me is the guy who's carrying this seems quit happy he's blowing himself up, god I really wished the bomb would have blown right when he was showing how to detonate it and blow the stupid camera man with him, but no such luck.

Check it out if you want.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

War zone

Today I was awaken at 7 am scared like hell thinking I was sleeping in Iraq or something by huge sounds of explosions in the streets which went on for almost 20 mins. Dazed and trying to figure out what the hell is going on when it hit me, it's the Eid today in Egypt and kids returning from morning prayers with their parents are playing with fireworks, which is a stupid habit that seem to grow every year. Despite the huge number of accidents we read in the papers every year parents are still getting the fireworks to their 7 and 8 years old and give them a match and say "light it up son". And of course who gives a damn about people resting in this hour they are either infidels who are enjoying a holiday on our behalf or Muslims that are too lazy to wake up for the morning prayers, well that should teach them a lesson to fulfil their duties to god or face this.

Happy Eid everybody


Sunday, October 22, 2006


I was in the supermarket yesterday minding my own business, and when I was reaching to grab a couple of Dasani water bottles a nice looking guy approached me:
-Guy: Elsalamo aleykom (pretty much like Hi but Islamic way)
-me: and good morning to you too.
-guy: do you know that this brand of water is made by an American company?
-me: yes but what......
-guy: do you know that the bottles are manufactured in Israel?
-me: No actually I.......
-guy: and that they are putting cancerous materials in the bottles to react with water and cause cancer to anyone drinking from the bottle?
-me: oh my god the bastards are trying to kill us!
-guy: yes it's all part of a big conspiracy.
-me: So how exactly did you know this information?
-guy: Oh I read it in the Internet.
-me: Ahh and do you believe everything you read in the Internet?
-guy: yes they took a sample from the bottles and analyzed it.
-me: who exactly are (they), the ones that wrote the article?
-guy: well yes I guess.
-me (picking up the bottles and putting them in my basket): well thanks for the warning I'll make sure to spread the word.
-me (to myself): last thing I read in the Internet is that Islam values the mind, ehh well might as well believe that.


And the list is still growing!!

I have grown up to know few things that are "7aram" banned or forbidden in Islam and that included:
- Eating ham (which I don't understand why as long as we have fridge these days to preserve it)
- Alcohol (which I think it should be being drunk and not Alcohol).

The thing is, during last 20 years, new things started to be added to this list based on fabrication and supported by Oil money and here is a sample:
- Women's hair
- Pretty much women's body.
- Men wearing gold.
- Men wearing Silk.
- Eating with left hand.
- Statues.
- Having Dogs indoors.
- Photography.
- Music that moves your senses.
And that is only what I have heard so far (feel free to add to this list if you know more)

The thing that freaks me out is that this not it, the list is growing up every day and it won't stop.
The good news is, I have a back door access and I got you the candidate items that will make 2007 list and here how it looks:
- Thinking.
- Reading anything except Quran.
- Women.
- Traveling except to Mecca and Maddina (the holly Muslim places).
- Dealing with non-Muslims.

Wish you a happy life.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Convert to Christianity.... rott in jail.

I guess it's better than being killed, right? Thank god he's in Egypt.
The Sandmonkey has the whole story.


Veil, Khimar and Niquab a rational argument

Came across an interesting article today it's about the dress code in Islam, one of the best arguments I've read about veils and the best thing about it is that it's all based on the Koran, so to all of the veil entouthiasts I give you this.
A word of warning anyone who reads it should make absolutely sure that he/she still have some sort of brain, any tiny winy particle would do.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Mubarak: Muslims to blame for Image.

Oh yeah these are his words in the religious celebrations held yesterday.
Finally someone had the guts to say it.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lailat el Kader ليلة القد ر (is it the same in each coutnry)

I didn't know how start this blog, so while I am listening to Nogoom FM (which should be called Hogoom FM in Ramadan) I got surprised by the amount of Religious songs and the prayers every 2 mins.
They simply prompting the extreme culture, that Muslims should spend their time in Saudi Arabia, spending their money to Saudies. How much sins Muslims have been committing and that requires prayers all the time.
Anyhow, they were talking about Lailat El Kader (which should be the night when all your sins will be vanished if you walk up all night to pray).
I don't mind people doing this or it is not my business, but what really struck me is, they said it should be odd day, means (23, 25, 27 or 29 of Ramadan) which I never heard before like most of the new things we hear every day but this is not the issue.
The issue which I didn't get is, Muslim countries started fasting on three different days, which means lailat el Kader can't occur on the same day unless it is customized for each country.
I am just wondering, these people who keep coming up with these things don't think, or I guess they know that people will listen and never think.


Ramadan is 31 days!

Yesterday there was a guy in the papers weeping that he started Ramadan when he was in KSA a day before Egypt, and now he's in Egypt and there is a big chance that Ramadan will be 30 days in Egypt this year. So the guy was asking the sheikhs to tell him what to do, he'll be fasting Ramadan for 31 days or should he follow KSA to the end!
Now this is hilarious, people in the gulf still counts on any two adults to see the moon with their bear eyes to announce the beginning of Ramadan, while in Egypt they use astrology to determine it long before the month begins. What's really funny is that the word around is that no way anybody could have seen the moon in the gulf region that night some even suggested that the may have spotted the planet Neptune!!!!
What's even funnier is that a lot of Egyptians resent the fact that we depend on astrology they say we should follow KSA anyway, some even do!


Ramadan a national holiday

I hate Ramadan, sorry but I couldn't put it in any other words, it's a month that retardness seem to blossom like no other time of the year.
In Ramadan the traffic is always horrible, people are always fighting in the streets, accidents are numerous as people drive like crazy to get home in time for their iftar, and of course no work is done in Ramadan. You ask a guy for your overdue work and he says "come on it's Ramadan I'm fasting" you ask someone to pay his bill he says "sure after Ramadan work is slow you know" I've been trying to get a hold on a person for the last 3 days for an urgent business and finally his assistant calls me yesterday to tell me that his boss is in isolation in the mosque for the past week and he's (getting out) this evening only and be back in isolation tomorrow so I'd better meet with him or I'll miss my chance to after Ramadan!!!!!
For me the whole month of Ramadan should be a national vacation people should sleep all mornings and hang out or watch TV in the evenings it would actually save a lot of money and the traffic would be great and it's not like any work is being done anyway. We'll just have to concentrate on the remaining 11 months of the year, oh wait there are also the small and big bairam which counts for another 2 weeks, other national and religious holidays... ok we have another month so it's like 10 out of 12 months to get some work done!!
I don't think it's that bad.


Greetings from Waldorf

People, this is my first blog ever I don't know what got me to do this, I don't have much time to spare but I'll try to keep it regular.
Some of you may not like what we will be posting here, but that's ok we don't expect all people to agree with us, either ways you can leave a comment, we'll allow anything no moderation yet, but please no death threats.
Blogging would be a little slow at first until it becomes a part of my system and Statler would spare some of his precious time to share his thoughts.