Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another Salman Rushdie

Well he might very well be:

One of Iran's most senior clergymen has issued a fatwa on an Azeri writer said to have insulted the Prophet Muhammad.
The call on Muslims to murder Rafiq Tagi, who writes for Azerbaijan's Senet newspaper, echoes the Iranian fatwa against Indian writer Salman Rushdie.

Man these Iranians are tough, the moment you say something they don't like they don't hesitate to use their most ferocious weapon (The Fatwa).
So what did this Azri writer say that hurt them so much?

They accuse the Azeri writer of portraying Christianity as superior to Islam and Europe as superior to the Middle East.

Oh how dare he, now I'm not saying that Christianity is Superior to Islam or vice versa but what's wrong in someone saying that it is? They do it all the time, they always say that Islam is superior to all other religions and they believe it and they teach that to the children not to mention the preachers who love to express the supremacy of Islam by insulting other religions and their followers (Apes and pigs are a very common term used here). As for the other part of the accusation that Europe is Superior to the Middle East, oh well sorry I can't help you on this one buddy you're just dead wrong!!!

I would like to seize this opportunity to congratulate Mr.Tagi for the wonderful future ahead of him, he will most probably seek refuge in a western country where he will be given a secure place to live and have a 24/7 protection, he Will become famous and his writings will be best sellers and he will make a fortune, he would be giving lectures and he will be honored in many places.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Take the pill man

This is just great:

Scientists are working on a contraceptive treatment which would stop men ejaculating sperm.

Stop men ejaculating sperm you say? So what are we supposed to ejaculate then? Gases? Or may be it stops men from having orgasms once and for all!!
And for sure women are happy about this:

"For women, it would be another form of liberation."

Sure why not, wait it gets worse:

he was concerned that sperm would be 'redirected' into urine, or be present in the urethra, and could that pregnancies could therefore still occur.

Seriously, what's wrong with condoms?


You gotto love Tunisia

"Veil is an imported form of sectarian dress" that's its official definition in Tunisia

Not only that but you have statements from officials like this:

President Zin Al-'Abidin Ben 'Ali: We Must Differentiate Between Foreign Sectarian Dress And Authentic Tunisian Clothing

RCD Party Secretary-General: "If We Agree Today To The Head covering, Tomorrow We Will Accept That Women Will Be Deprived Of Their Right To Work And Their Right To Vote"

Religious Affairs Minister Boubaker Al-Akhzouri: "There Is No Uniform Islamic Clothing… The Substitution Of Foreign Dress For Tunisian Clothing Is A Clear And Open Repudiation Of National Identity"

One can only wonder if any one of the Egyptian officials issued a statement like this what would become of him?


Another Plane crash

For Iran:

An Iranian military plane has crashed while taking off from an airport in Tehran, killing elite troops.

This adds to an already extremely poor air safety record for the Iranians and the reason?

A generation of international isolation has undermined safety standards within Iran's civil and military aviation fleet, experts say, increasing the likelihood of major air disasters

This should give you an idea how close the Iranians are to actually complete their nuclear program alone and come up with the nuclear bomb.
They cannot maintain airplanes for god sake knowing there are no secrets or hidden knowledge in maintaining planes, so much for building a nuclear reactor and keep it safe.
Oh, I forgot they have the notorious Ahmadinejad as their leader and he's a messenger straight from the heavens, he would guide them through their Nuclear program as he has God on his side I'm sure no harm can occur to the Iranian reactors even if it went without any safety features or maintenance.
Say Inshallah.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Veil row round up

OK this is a round up of the row caused by the minister of culture's words against the veil.

- Apparently what happened last week in the parliament represents a direct breech to the Egyptian constitution as it states that any minister is only to be questioned by the parliament in matters of his/her official duties as a minister and to answer only to his/her policies and decisions in regard of how his ministry is performing.
So that makes last week's session in the parliament completely bogus and leaves the house speaker A.K.A. Mr. Fathy Sorour A.K.A. the biggest asshole of the day, to answer how he allowed this to happen, not only that but how could he state that any official wishes to express his views to relief himself from formal duties, I mean it turned out that what he said is not in the constitution so it qualifies as a personal view, so shouldn't he practice what he preach and relief himself? I don't think so.

- Yesterday, there was demonstrations everywhere mostly by veiled women to protest what's happening in Iraq after 202 people were killed by insurgents and also what's happening in Lebanon with a civil war on the brink, and no one mentioned anything about Mr. Hosni's remarks!!

- Today, the grand sheikh of Azhar stated that the veil is not up for debate and not something that one expresses opinions about!................ hmmm interesting.

- Three cases were filed at the public prosecutor's office against Mr. Hosni in contempt to Islam, one was filed by a Muslim cleric and two by lawyers.

- The biggest insult for the veil in my opinion came from Mr. Kamal Elshazly when he stood up in the parliament and proudly announced that his wife and daughter are both veiled, to all of you who don't know, the guy represents a symbol of corruption in Egypt and he's detested by everyone. But no one saw the irony in a corrupted man defending the veil.

- There are some voices who spoke in support of the minister but unfortunately they are few and not loud enough as they are mainly highly mannered voices that believe in a decent way for debate and can not be heard amongst the screaming and wheeling voices from the other side.

- There is a new motto for the NDP party, it goes like this: " If you can't beat them, Join them".


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I don't get it!

Just a quick question, Minster Mr. Hosny expressed what he thinks about hair cover in private meeting and his words leaked to the media.
This caused the whole country to go in to rage and disbelief.
How about officials religious clerks who appear on TV insulting other religions, including Christianity which %10 of Egyptians follow.
Don't you agree with me that Egyptians are the biggest discriminators.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Breaking the mood

I must say this is so funny yet so pathetic:

Six Muslim imams were removed from a U.S. Airways flight in Minneapolis after several of them got up for evening prayers.

Seriously, how do these people do it I mean praying on a plane, how do they even know the direction for kaaba, and do they really bend down and pray in the plane's Isle?
And of course angry Muslims voices were quick to be raised:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Tuesday called for a probe into U.S. Airways personnel who removed six Muslim imams from an airliner.

What probe you morons, if not anything they were disturbing other passengers, I mean couldn't they just prayed individually and in silence to avoid this, no they had to pray in a group to earn more bonus points from god! And how would they feel if they got on a plane and found there was a mass going on?
Where is this world heading to?



Meanwhile Lebanon is on fire, but why do we care Israel has nothing to do with it, besides we have more important issues to take care of!


The Calamity goes on

So the veil saga and the minister of culture's words against it continues.
Yesterday in the parliament it was all about this, every force was trying to weigh in as the defender of Islam with the MBs in front but joined with the NDP members who even went farther with the issue than the MBs....
But I'm sure it has nothing to do with exploiting the religion for political gains, they are just trying to protect Islam from the likes of Mr. Hosni who if we let them speak their own opinions it will sure undermine the great religion and thus weaken our aim to build a strong and prosperous country just by acting more religious.
This is the same parliament where not a word was mentioned after the mass sexual harassment in downtown Cairo, so to give you an idea how the MPs are out there to protect our women.
A member of the NDP said he would leave the party if Mr. Hosni wasn't sacked, now I truly hope the guy stays in power and see about that.
The president of the parliament said that if someone wishes to speak his own opinion should relief himself first from his formal duties, which I think is a very important precedence in our modern history and constitutes a direct threat to freedom of speech.
Meanwhile, the poor guy is staying at home avoiding all confrontations he just said that what happened to him is plain terrorism to anyone who dares to speak his own thoughts.
Could you agree more?


It's a Calamity!

Egypt's minister of culture Farouk Hosni has come under heavy fire after speaking to an independent newspaper against the veil, saying it's sign of going backwards and that Egypt is not going to improve while people are listening to worthless Muftis.
Mr. Hosni then backed up and said that these were his personal opinions and not formal and that he was not giving a statement but rather came in a phone conversation with the guy who published this.
Needless to say all the Islamist groups with the MBs in front slammed the guy as ignorant and trying to dishonor Egyptian women and unclothe them.
Saudi grand Mufti Sheik Abdul-Aziz al-Sheik called it a calamity, and for once in my life I find myself in total agreement with an Islamic cleric but for all the different reasons:
Sure it's a calamity when comes a time when any one is judged and even asked to resign for speaking his opinion.
It's a calamity when the virtue of a women is measured by a stupid piece of cloth she cover her hair with.
It's a calamity when women are subjected to all sorts of pressure to finally submit and cover their hair.
Islamists keep saying that western countries are oppressing Muslim women not to wear the veil, which is not true but they stop short of criticizing the massive pressure put on women in their own countries to don the veil, starting from the clerics who tell the women they would be hanged from their hair in hell if they should not cover it, to the girl's parents who see the veil as a way to protect their little girl out on the streets and of course we all know now how that turned to be, to the husband who wishes to have an early start to show his women who's in power or just that he's embarrassed that all his friend's wives are veiled and his wife is not, if not all that then it's the main-stream pressure out on the street, unveiled women are harassed verbally and sometimes spat on in the public transportation and out on the street, isn't this enough pressure to make even the brightest girl to wear the veil, just to skip all the trouble?
One of the best arguments I heard regarding what the minister said came from the MBs themselves, they said that politicians should not speak in matters of religion, that's great so shouldn't this work both ways I mean shouldn't you religious people not speak in matters of politics?
So what the hell are you doing in our parliament you bunch of assholes?



This is an article published today in Alahram newspaper by Sherif Elshoubashy:

لماذا ينخر السوس في جنح الظلام لماذا يرجف قلب الطفل مذعورا في عالم يحكمه اللئام لماذا تجمدت الدماء في شرايين الجنين لماذا أصبح تغريد الطير بكاء في البساتين لماذا يشعر العاقل بالغربة وسط الغوغاء لماذا تركنا نجوم الفتاوي يسلبون إرادة العقلاء لماذا ذبحنا العقل قربانا لسلطان الخرافة وجلسنا في استكانة نلعن الدهر ونحلم بأيام الخلافة لماذا رضعنا النفاق من ثدي الأمهات وانتزعنا المعاني من الكلمات لماذا برعنا في صناعة السحر والرقص بحلقات الزار وتركنا للآخرين تكنولوجيا صناعة الأقمارلماذا رأينا الدين همهمة في الشفاة وانطلقنا مارقين كاذبين في الحياة لماذا عادت المرأة عصفورا في الأقفاص ومحونا صفحات ناصعات من كفاح وخلاص لماذا أصبح الجهل ماردا يسحق بنعليه رسالة التنوير لماذا أصدر السادة أمرا باعتقال العقل وإعدام الضميرلماذا قبلنا أن يكون إعفاء اللحية إعفاء لمن شاء من مكارم الأخلاق ونسينا أن الإسلام كان ينبوع الحضارة بفضل رجال أدركوا رسالة الخلاق لماذا هجرنا السيف والرمح والقرطاس والقلم وقنعنا بالبكاء والعويل والندم لماذا نخوض معارك دون كيشوت ضد الطواحين ونهرب من أداء واجبات الحياة متقاعسين لماذا نسير كالقطيع خلف من أهدر دماء دعاة الاستنارة ونبارك بالبخور والتهليل أعداء الحضارة لماذا تبلد الإحساس وصرنا نستلذ القبح ونطرب للنشاز لماذا فقدنا قدرة الاحتجاج علي الفساد والابتزاز لماذا أصبح الدجال نبيا من أنبياء هذا الزمان وأصبح الأفاق سيدا مهابا يشير إليه الناس بالبنان لماذا صرنا أضحوكة الدنيا وقبلة اللعنات لماذا أدرنا الظهر للغد المشرق وقبضنا علي جمرة الأحلام والحسرات لماذا نشهر السيف في وجه أخ العروبة ونخفض الهامات للأغراب لماذا فقأنا عين الحق ووضعنا بديلا عنه البهتان في المحراب لماذا أدبر الدهر عنا وأشرقت شمس الحضارة في الشمال ؟ ألأنا عبدنا القشور وتناسينا لب تعاليم الرحمن ألأنا حبسنا العقول خلف قضبان الظلام وأسلمنا المفتاح طوعا لبائعي الأوهام ألأنا صلبنا العقل واحترفنا تجارة الأديان ؟

So so true.
Sherif Elshobashy, I love you.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hizbollah destroyed half of Israel!

Oh yeah, in just 33 days and only 50% to go.
Go go go Muslims, you can do it.
Read the whole thing, loads of funny shit in there.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Protest anyone?

Last week there was a protest in Cairo for the Eid sexual harassments incidents in downtown Cairo, and as I expected it only gathered a few hundred people.
Now all this protests deal really amazes me in our Arab world, when Israel kills Palestinians or wages war against Lebanon, you get thousands of people protesting in the streets, when the US and its allies attack Afghanistan or Iraq, same story and please don't let me start on what happens when someone say any word about the prophet Mohamed.
On the other hand, women get attacked in the middle of the streets, and activists organize a protest but nobody shows, we get struck by terrorist attacks which would have effects on every one of us but nothing no protests. We hear of police torturing people for saying their beliefs, you get a few dozens here and there protesting.
Iraqis kill each others, why do we care they should settle their internal affairs, and the same way goes for Palestinians fighting each other.
Now please someone explains to me what is the sense in all of this, do we really care about other people as long as they are Arabs or Muslims than we care about ourselves?
Or have we gone that blind that we only see what the west is doing to us but fail to see what we are doing to ourselves?
I'm not saying we should forget about what's happening in the world and concentrate in our own affairs (although this would be one smart thing to do) but there are priorities right? And don't forget that people we are protesting for are becoming martyrs so we should rejoice for them not be angry.
God knows that Egypt has done a lot for the Arab world for nothing and all we got in return was hatred and envy and all sorts of bad feelings towards us.
People wake up, mind your own business first then look outside; no one will be willing to help us when the shit really hits the fan. Right?


Another Veto.

The US has vetoed another UN resolution calling to blame Israel for its latest offensive which killed 19 women and children.
Now I'm not a big fan of the way Arabs and Muslims are behaving but I think that the US is really going too far with their support to the Jewish state, I mean what's a blame anyway it's just like saying to your kid "you bad boy" so what if the US would let the UN blame Israel every once in a while, it would help the Arab world to blow some steam and lessen their hatred to America just a notch, I truly think this would help the Arabs to feel some sort of moral victory instead of the continuous humiliation they feel every time they have an encounter with the west which of course lead to the sense of persecution and eventually despair and you all know the rest to come.
It goes without saying that the interest of the US and Israel is the same but sometimes I feel the US jeopardize its own safety to protect Israel.

Anyway these are my thoughts, and I could be wrong.


Here we go again

Many apologies for the lack of blogging, Waldorf was in faraway lands, but unfortunately he liked it there but couldn't find anything to bitch about, so he had to come back.
So let the bitching begins.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Basic Instinct

Sorry, I have been super busy but I was stunned during last couple of weeks by the mass sexual harassment in downtown Cairo.
I understand that there is something called basic instinct!!!
These young men as well as old men have raging hormones that need to be released.
And by the way Egypt is heading, what happened in downtown is the only way.