Sunday, May 13, 2007

Another secterian clashes

In Egypt, between Muslims and Copts.
This time in a village called "Behma" around 60 Kms south of Cairo.
The Muslims acted on a rumor that the Copts are planning to build a church in town, or in an another story were expanding a house that they used to conduct their prayers.

Apparently the Friday sermon at a village mosque had discussed ongoing church construction, sparking anger among worshippers who emerged from the mosque in a large group and then moved to the church site, where clashes erupted with the Copts ridiculously outnumbered.

Then they went to burn Christian owned homes and shops.

10 Christian were reported injured and the Police arrested 60 Muslims.

Nothing new here, Egypt has seen such clashes growing in the past few years and the official reaction is always the same with downplaying the incidents and issuing stupid statements and then the papers publish a photo of the Pope and Sheikh Al-Azhar hugging, and everything is cool, without addressing the real problem.

Copts consist of 7-15% of the Egyptian population depends on whose side of the story you want to believe, but they are not allowed to build any church unless they get a decree from the President, based on a law from the 1800.

The incident failed to make the state owned newspapers, and there was no official statement from the ministry of interior, which is a shame as I was really waiting to hear their take on the matter.

But probably they know that by now that everybody knows anyone doing such acts is called insane!


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