Monday, April 30, 2007

Copts are angry

Egyptian Christians (Copts) are in fury after a court ruled last week that for a Christian that has converted to Islam and now wishes to return to Christianity, he should not be allowed to change his religion in his national ID from Muslim to Christian!
The case was filed by a Christian man who had converted to Islam and gone back to Christianity but the interior ministry declined to amend his papers, and now the judge joined in and ruled their act as lawful.

Just how on earth such ruling deems constitutional fails to register with me as the last time I checked freedom of religion was a constitutional right, but then again we should be glad the judge didn't order the man to the sword!!



EgyPeter said...

"Just how on earth such ruling deems constitutional fails to register?"

Well, when you have a incredibly flawed constituition like Egypt, it's easy...

One can't help but wonder if the situation was reversed, let's say a Muslim who converted to Christianity and then decided to return back to think the courts would have ruled the same way?

They hypocrisy in Egypt knows no bounds. And the humiliation of minorities in Egypt goes on and on.

jamal said...

this is silly. let him change it and pay the divine penalty. there should be no compulsion in religion.